Will Yesterday’s Magazette Last 40 Years?
August 8, 2011

I just found out that crazy editor of Yesterday’s Magazette now has a glossy print magazine and a free digital edition as well.

That old fool just don’t know when to quit. He says he wants to last until 2013 so he can brag about publishing Yesterday’s Magazette for 40 years! Man’s nuts.

See: http://yesterdaysmagazette.magcloud.com


Yesterday’s Magazette Ain’t Bad
March 4, 2011

I hate to say it, but this new issue of Yesterday’s Magazette ain’t half bad. You can view it FREE at: http://bit.ly/YMagazette But I hate reading stuff on the computer so I advise you to spend a few bucks and get the glossy printed magazine. They got a good deal going on right now. Buy the printed mag and get the digital copy free! Not sure how long this will last. So hurry over to http://bit.ly/YMSpring11 right now!

But don’t say I sent ya!

Yesterday’s Magazette Is Back In Printed Form
December 13, 2010

For many years I used to read Yesterday’s Magazette.
Lots of nostalgia stuff for us oldsters.
Then the editor stopped the printed version and went to that darn Internet thing the kids of today use all the time.
Anyway, he came to his senses and now YM is back as a glossy printed magazine again. Just like God intended.
So do yourself a favor and shuffle on over to http://bit.ly/YMPrintedMags4 before the editor changes his mind again.

I don’t think the damn fool knows what the hell he’s doin’. So act now and take advantage of him.