Things That Bug Me

oldcurmudgeon1How  did Adam’s killer son, Cain, find a wife in the land of Nod, east of Eden? Where the hell did she come from?


Why the hell do we say get IN and OUT of a car, taxi, or boat and then say get ON and OFF a bus, train, or ship? And the only nuts who really get ON a subway are stunt people in a movie.


Why are right-wing conservatives so against the government telling us what to do, except when it comes to women or gay people?


Big American Flag pins on the lapels of dumb politicians who think it makes them  look patriotic.


Bible-Thumpers who don’t practice what they preach.


War! What is it good for? Answer: $$$ … and nothing else.


Rich people who try to buy the U. S. Government, and often succeed.


Poor people who keep getting screwed and keep blaming the wrong people for their plight.


Pompous people who don’t know a damn thing, but try to convince us of their importance.




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