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Curb Your Enthusiasm
September 18, 2010


Read My Crap In Yesterday’s Magazette
September 5, 2010

Yep, the crazy editor of Yesterday’s Magazette said he had a hole to fill (besides the one in hisĀ  head) in his online magazine and decided to use some of my crap.

The guy must be desperate or insane. I mean he has been publishing this “Magazine of Memories” since 1973. He should be looking for someone else to take it over. How long can one guy hold on to a dream? Wake up, Burke! Stop living in the past!

Anyway, you can take a quick look at

Yeah, it’s free. If you want the e-book version you gotta pay a few bucks.

I checked it out at

What? No way! I ain’t opening up my wallet for a bunch of essays about the past.

Hell, I know all about the past. I was born there.

Listen, I gotta go. Time for a nap.